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Rules and Regulation

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Rules Regulation
  • Student must be in the prescribed school uniform which is an essential part of the school discipline.
  • Student are expected to be clean and tidy, orderly and respectful in the class and in public. Shabby, unkempt or punk type of hair style is not permitted.
  • They must be regular, punctual and attend their classes with full concentration.
  • They must reach the school in time to attend the morning assembly. Late comers are liable to be punished. Habitual late comers will not allowed to attend the school.
  • All the student must maintain the school dairy. It should brought to school every day
  • Leave of absence must be availed by making a written request by the parents to the class teacher
  • Student absenting for more than three days should produce medical certificate
  • Parents are requested to respond to call from school in connection with their ward's work or conduct school
  • School are expected to keep their class room and school premises absolute clean
  • Every student is answerable for his/her behavior inside and outside school
  • Student should at all the time show respect and reverence to school authorities, teachers and other staff members
  • Students absenting form examination without reason will be considered as having failed. The mark obtained in the Summative Assessment 1, Summative Assessment 2, Summative Assessment 3, will be considered for promotion
  • Progress report showing the application of the student and the result will be given to the parents after every examination. Parents are requested to meet the principal and staff during the campus day and any other meeting conducted by the school.
  • Student are expected to participate in all the academic and extra-curricular activities of the school
  • Parents are requested to co-operate with the management in enforcing discipline and punctuality on the part of the students. They should attend all the meetings called for by the principal.